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McNabb story "Made Up" | Garcia on Leno

First and foremost, continuing from yesterday's Mark Eckel induced McNabb drama... it has become more and more clear that it was a completely made up story.

Bob Brookover in the Inky basically debunked the story the same way we did yesterday...(thanks to BrianS for finding the link)

Andy Reid, speaking from the senior bowl,

"I think people are making a lot of things up here that aren't true," Reid said yesterday in a conference call from Mobile, Ala.

McNabb's agent, Fletcher Smith who is probably more reliable than any "source familiar with McNabb" Eckel claimed to have. If anyone was going to be out there fighting for what McNabb wants and representing his real feelings it would be his agent right?

"None of these stories quoted him," Smith said. "They're all quoting sources close to Donovan. They claim to know what he thinks and what he's feeling. Who are these people? I don't know. I think there should be some level of responsibility in getting his side of the story before printing some of this stuff. It's sensationalism, and I guess it sells newspapers."

"None of it is true"

Smith said he believed that McNabb would share his thoughts with reporters before or during the Super Bowl. McNabb is expected to attend the Super Bowl as part of a Campbell's Soup promotion. Smith said he hadn't spoken to McNabb since flying to Mobile, but he insisted that nothing that had been written was a true reflection of his client's feelings.

"I'm absolutely comfortable saying that," Smith said.

So there you go. Your move Mark Eckel. From what I can tell you've ducked every interview request since this story and I've not heard of you responding to one reader/Eagle fan's email to you. If you are going to print this stuff, you had better be ready to get out there and back it up. You too ESPN, you ran with this like it was fact. Where is your reporting of what Reid and McNabb's agent have said? I was listening to Mike and Mike on ESPN radio this morning and as of 8:30am they were still acting as if it was confirmed that McNabb was angry with the Eagles. Let's see some repsonsibility and accountability.

Also, there were some reports that I think were posted on that said that Jeremiah Trotter and Jon Runyan had expressed support for Garcia over McNabb for next year. Runyan flatly denied them on local TV in Philly and challenged anyone to name a source that said it about it. Again, where is the accountability with these people quoting "unnamed sources"

In lighter news, Jeff Garcia was on Leno last night and basically said everything you'd expect him to.

On a show usually devoted to selling albums and publicizing movies, the 36-year-old Eagles quarterback provided news, confirming to Leno that he will "definitely" test free agency beginning March 1.

At the end of the interview, Leno asked Garcia about returning to the Eagles.

After saying it would "be great" if something could be worked out, Garcia seemed eager for free agency.

"I'll definitely be testing the waters," he said. "I've got to see what's out there."

I actually hope Jeff finds a starting job out there. It would be nice to have him back, but I'm okay with Feeley as the #2 and Garcia has earned the right to have one more go as a full time starter.

This is a pretty funny skit Garcia did to open the show...

The full interview is here.

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