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Juicy made up gossip alert! McNabb unhappy?

That's what I heard from ESPN who heard it from Mark Eckel(Trenton Times) who heard it from some guy who says he knows McNabb! Oooh!

Come on.

It's ridiculous that we should have to even address this nonsense. As has become his modus operandi, Mark Eckel has written yet another piece filled with opinion and unnamed sources that are "close" to someone and stoked up controversy. What's worse, ESPN has picked up on the story and are reporting what Eckel wrote as if it's all but confirmed.


Before we get into this latest story, let me remind you that it was Mark Eckel who told us lat offseason that free agent center LeCharles Bentley was an Eagle. That was before he signed with the Browns. He was also the guy who advocated the firing of Reid and trading of McNabb earlier in the season. So here we go with his latest, McNabb doubts Eagles future. Note that nowhere in his article does he mention that McNabb or anyone "close to him" actually says anything about him doubting his future here.

McNabb, according to some people close to him, is not pleased with a lot that has happened since he tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his right knee in a loss to Tennessee on Nov. 19.

The franchise quarterback's un happiness includes the fact head coach Andy Reid did not allow him to travel to the team's playoff game in New Orleans.

There is a team rule that players on injured reserve do not travel, but, c'mon, teams always treat their stars differently than they do the rest of the team. What would it have hurt to let McNabb go to the game, even if he had to sit in the owner's box with Jeffrey Lurie, if Reid did not want him on the sideline?

So who asked that last question Mark? You or "some people close to McNabb?" Is this really a news story or a post you made on the Eagles Message board? This is just guesses and opinions on your part, and you don't even hide that.

McNabb also may be getting a vibe that some in the organization prefer Garcia over him.

He "may" be "getting a vibe?" So did "some people close him" not know whether he was getting the vibe? Did you get the "vibe" from them that maybe they thought he was getting a "vibe?" He either is or he isn't. This reporting is just shocking.

It is to the point, however, that the Eagles have to answer soon what they are going to do about their quarterback situation.

So if they need to make that decision soon, why has Andy Reid said since McNabb went down that he would be back as the starter next year? WHy has he said it repeatedly after the season? Why has Jeff Garcia said that?

There are also rumors floating and growing stronger from around that league that Minnesota and Tampa Bay could be landing spots in either a trade for McNabb or as a free-agent destination for Garcia.

 The Vikings, who turned to rookie Tarvaris Jackson by the end of the season, make sense because former Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress is now the head coach and a big McNabb fan, and former Syracuse assistant Kevin Rogers is Minnesota's quarterbacks coach.

Tampa Bay, under head coach Jon Gruden, also could use a quarterback and either McNabb or Gar cia would fit well in the Bucs' offense.

Okay, at this point have we totally stopped reporting altogether? Are we just guessing and playing fantasy football at this point? Where are these "rumors swirling?" Apparently, just in Mark Eckel's head.

Then he goes on to talk about the thoughts of some former teammate of Garcia's that "knows Jeff" and "knows how he is." I know it's tough to come up with stuff to write about in the offseason, but this is just crossing the line. For ESPN to pick this up, say "The Trenton Times is reporting" and then report it as an actual news story is just shocking. Who is doing the editing over there?

Update [2007-1-23 17:31:12 by BleedGreen]: Apparently Eckel was asked to appear on Daily News Live to explain the story and declined. Jon Runyan did not seem very happy about it and was demanding to know the "source" if it existed.

The Eagles' own website is even refuting the reports and Andy Reid himself has lashed out...

Head coach Andy Reid said Tuesday that he was "disappointed" in a published reports that franchise quarterback Donovan McNabb is unhappy with the Eagles organization and uncertain about his future in Philadelphia. "I hate to see people have to make things up that aren't really true," Reid said in a conference call from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, AL. "He (Donovan) knows what's the truth and what isn't the truth. I'm not worried about that."

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