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Our halfhearted rooting interest wins

Da Bears won our poll of who would be the nation's half hearted rooting interest since the Eagles went out, so I decided to watch their game in it's entirety this weekend.

Suffice to say, I feel like we've half heartedly backed the right choice. They absolutely annihilated the new America's Team in a classic snowy football setting. No surprise that a dome team fell apart once again on the road in the elements in the postseason and it really made me wonder what could have been had we held that tiebreaker over the Saints... cue the bitter sigh.

The Colts and Pats ended up playing a pretty good game that I turned off at halftime because it looked like a blowout. I ended up coming back to the game when the Colts scored their final TD to take a lead. Apparently they had staged the largest comeback in conference championship game history... Even knowing that, I still probably would have made the decision to spend the evening watching the food network like I did.

As good as a win as that was for the Colts, I think they are going to suffer the same fate as the Eagles when they finally got over their championship game hump. If the Bears D plays anything close to how they did yesterday, it's not going to be pretty for Manning and co. I suppose we'll get into the game a little more in a week or so when it's gets closer.

That's your half hearted update on our half hearted rooting interest. The Bears.

Oh and if I hear one more stupid sportscaster think he's being funny and original by saying the Bears are "shuffling off to the superbowl" I'm going to vomit.

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