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Parcells retires!

In what I see as a pretty shocking move, Bill Parcells has retired and left the Cowboys without a coach fairly late in the hiring season. Other than Ron Rivera with the Bears, many of the high profile names that have been thrown around this offseason have been snapped up.

Grizz over at Blogging the Boys talked about why it was such a surprise.

The Bill Parcells Era has ended in Big D. The conventional wisdom over the last few days was that he would return. After spending a couple of weeks in the office working after the season, with reports of him going to the Senior Bowl, and then other reports of him contacting potential assistant coaches led most to believe that the Tuna had one more run in him. But it's not to be as Parcells exits the stage and opens up a whole slew of questions for the Dallas Cowboys. Things are going to get spicy at Valley Ranch.

My thought is that Parcells really left the Cowboys in the lurch by leaving this late. They are now one of only two teams, the other being the Raiders which is a job that even college assistants are turning down, without a head coach.

This is obviously huge news in the NFC East so I figured it was worth some discussion here. If you want full coverage check out BTB.

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