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Stallworth Schools DeAngelo Hall

Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall who is well known as one of the biggest punks in the league was taught a lesson by Donte Stallworth on Sunday. Hall, despite being beaten pretty badly by every notable WR he faced this year, showed exactly how much he cares about his own stats above actually winning...

Wide receiver Donté Stallworth didn't spit in the face of cornerback DeAngelo Hall, as Terrell Owens did a couple weeks back. Stallworth got sweeter revenge on the trash-talking Falcon.

"I'm wearing a division-title cap and DeAngelo Hall isn't," Stallworth said.

According to Stallworth, Hall talked a lot of smack during the game.

"He called me a bum," Stallworth said. "He kept saying he's been to two Pro Bowls and I haven't been to any. Well, this bum is going to be in the playoffs next week while that two-time Pro Bowler is out on the golf course or somewhere."

I think this type of thing had alot to do with why Jim Mora jr was fired after the game. Hall is out hyping his own accomplishments as the team is eliminated from the playoffs... Mike Vick told the Philly media before the game on a conference call that he was happy with this year because his "stats" have been "gravy." Mora was out talking about how much he wants to coach in college... he seemed to have a team that lost focus on what really matters. Winning.

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