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We got a new Aussie punter!

It's no secret that Dirk Johnson stunk this year. He was wildly inconsistent at bad times and left the Eagles near the bottom of the league in punt avg, punts inside the 20, and near the top in touchbacks. All opposite of where you'd like your punting game to be. In an effort to solve the punting situation, the Eagles have reportedly reached out and signed Australian rules footballer, Saverio Rocca.

All credit to the Scrapple & Iggs for being the first place(traditional media included) I've seen this and finding this funny YouTube tribute to Rocca...

From what I read this guy could routinely kick a ball over 65 yards and put it straight through a pair of little Australian goal posts... If the guy is anything close to pro bowl Dallas punter and fellow former Aussie rules player, Mat McBriar, our special teams in are in for an upgrade. This guy could be a major factor in winning field position battles.

I know he's just a punter, but I think the idea of finding a 6'4" 240lb tough aussie to be our punter is fun. Combine him with the black belt David Akers and we have one dangerous kicking game!

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