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Do we jump on a bandwagon?

Well, the Eagles are out and not surprisingly like alot of Eagles fans I'm not terribly interested in this weekend's games. Although I don't have any specific plans to watch the games at all, I assume that once Sunday rolls around and NFL football is on I'll probably watch it. So I figured I might as well decide on a rooting interest from here on out.

First I weighed the positives and negatives of each team as they relate to me as an Eagles fan and came up with a possible team. Then I visted the NFL bandwagon page, answered the questions and Harry Kalas confirmed my original choice.

Da Bears

Here were my thoughts.

Saints - No. They just beat us, I'm in no mood to root for players I was cursing just a few short days ago. Plus, their classless fans turned me off. Plus, I really have a feeling that a dome team like the Saints heading up to Chicago at this time of year is a recipe for disaster.

Colts - I've really disliked the Colts for a few years now, mostly because I couldn't stand Manning and I was sick of watching them be unable to finally knock off the Pats. Although, I have softened on them a bit this year. Alot of that can be contributed to the folks at Stampede Blue's newfound hatred of the Cowboys... However, combine the fact that they did destroy us earlier this year and I can't bring myself to wish any success on the Manning family I say no on the Colts.

Patriots - Do I even need to explain this one? I'm just sick of them. I fully understand and appreciate the greatness of Brady and Belichick, but I've just had enough. They've reached the point where any dynasty team eventually does where everyone is really starting to hate them.

So that leaves the Da Bears who have become my little bandwagon team mostly due to the fact that I just don't care about them one way or another. I suppose I can understand why some people would still pull for the Saints because of the whole story behind it. If you want to root for them fine, but personally I'll be half heartedly pulling for Da Bears...

Check out the new poll and vote for who, if anyone, you'll be pulling for from here on out.

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