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Preseason predictions review

This is fun. I looked up some preseason predictions made about the Birds by some national media types. Let's just remember these before we all get too worked up about what they say next year...

First we start with the guy that at least admits he always gets it wrong, SI's Dr Z. He picked the Redskins to win the division and the Eagles to finish last. In the opposite world, he got it exactly right!

The Eagles break out of the gate fast, winning eight of their first 10 games, and in November they're everyone's Cinderella story. But the wins came against teams such as the Niners, Packers, Saints, Titans and Texans, and now it's time to dig in for the Winter Offensive, and the supply line is running out. Five straight losses, including a crucial one at Dallas on Christmas Day, send them out against Atlanta, needing the win, plus help. Philly beats the Falcons, but Dallas beats Detroit and Washington beats the Giants, who had already clinched a spot, and all three get in ahead of Philly. Angered that their Cinderella angle has gone up in smoke, the nation's media turn on the poor Eagles, branding them the choke team of '06.

Again, in the opposite world DR Z was right on!

There were some gems from the "opposing scouts" section of SI's NFL preview.

Brian Dawkins was a great safety a couple of years ago, but he can't make the plays he used to be able to make.

LOL! He only made the pro bowl and had one of, if not the best statistical season of his career. 98 tackles, 4 INTs, a sack and 5 forced fumbles. Far and away the defensive MVP of this team.

This was written about the Redskins..

Handing the offense over to Al Saunders will improve the receivers immeasurably. He's the best receivers coach I've ever seen.

Andre Carter could be this year's version of Oakland's Derrick Burgess. Carter, a phenomenal pass rusher who wasn't being used right, gets to show his stuff. He can get 14 sacks.

The Skins offense and WRs particularly were bad and Andre Carter got 6 sacks.

Not even one ESPN writer picked the Eagles to win the NFC East.

Chuck Knox Jr. from Scouts Inc. swung and missed.

Eagles fans better hope McNabb does not get injured this season, as the team has no real backup.

The Eagles should be more competitive this year, but so should the rest of the NFC East. The lack of a go-to receiver will hurt McNabb's effectiveness and should prevent the Eagles from making the playoffs.

Prediction: Fourth in NFC East.

To their credit, Fox sports picked the Eagles to finish 2006 regular-season record: 10-6 (2nd in NFC East); lose in NFC Championship Game. Of course, they did pick the Giants to go 11-5 and win the division.

Credit to user lbg for bringing this up

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