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Eagles play of the year voting started

I posted my nominations for the top 10 plays of the year up on the main poll.

  • Mike Patterson's 98 yard fumble return in San Fran
  • Westbrook's 52 yard TD against the Bucs
  • McNabb's 82 yard TD pass to Baskett against Dallas
  • Lito's 102 yard INT for TD against the Cowboys
  • McNabb to Stallworth 84 yard TD against Washington
  • Lito's INT against Carolina to seal the win
  • Brian Dawkins' sack in the red zone against Washington
  • Brown's hit on Manning/ Cole INT for TD
  • Eagles' defense stops Dallas 3 straight times on the goal line on Xmas night
  • Feeley To Baskett 89 Yard TD against ATL
Vote over on the left for the #1 play of the year and post any comments or glaring omissions below...

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