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Three Eagles on "All Joe Team"

Not that I should really care about who makes USA Today's All Joe Team, but I suppose it's worth noting that three Eagles made the list. For whatever reason, I'm oddly obsessed with Eagles players getting love from the national media...

What is the "All Joe Team" you may ask?

USA TODAY's Larry Weisman has compiled his 15th annual All-Joe squad representing the NFL's "grunts" whose work doesn't often show up in statistics but is integral to the success of any football team

The first Eagle is hardly a guy who anyone would characterize as a "grunt whose work doesn't often show up in statistics" but anyway...

RB: Brian Westbrook, Philadelphia -- Quiet guy who began to show some fire and leadership that matched his productivity. Perfect fit for what the Eagles like to do.

Other Eagles on the list include

QB: Jeff Garcia, Philadelphia -- Well-traveled veteran helped the Eagles save their season when Donovan McNabb tore up his knee. Still has that zip in his arm and legs.
DE: Trent Cole, Philadelphia -- Situation rusher stepped in as a starter when Jevon Kearse went down early. Quick, aggressive, must be accounted for on each play.

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