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And so the ride ends...

When asked in his postgame press conference "If you went for it on 4th and 10 why not go for it on 4th and 15." Andy Reid responded,"In hindsight we probably should have done that."

Ya think?

Andy Reid may have been the only man in America that thought there was a better chance his defense would stop the Saints from getting a first down than his offense converting a 4th and 15... What's even more puzzling is that even if the Eagles had stopped them, they would have only gotten the ball back with under 20 seconds left. It was truly one of the more impossible to understand calls I've seen.

That said, there were alot of other missed opportunites(namely Reggie Bush giving you a gift fumble) and hard luck(losing Andrews was huge) that lost this game. The team never laid down though and they gave the Saints all they could handle.

I'm annoyed with Reid for the final call, but overall I'm not upset with this team. This year ended with more hope that previous years. They took us on an improbable run that was as fun, if not more fun to watch than the 04 NFC Champion team. Out of nowhere we reclaimed the NFC East title and returned to playoffs. A new young core has emerged on this team and are virtually all locked up long term. In Marty Morningwheg we've found a playcaller that has given us the balanced offense we've begged for for years(please let him call the plays next year Andy). We know what we have to fix in the offseason, the run defense.

Any playoff loss is going to be a bitter pill to swallow. I'm not smiling right now, but I feel better about this team going forward this year than I did last year and even the year before.

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