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Eagles would have left Philly if not for Lurie?

Joe Banner dropped this needless bomb at probably the most inconvenient time...

Apparently his ego was bruised by his assumption that Eagles fans don't give him and Lurie enough credit for the Eagles success, so Joe Banner told Bob Brookover why we should be so grateful...

The fans' reaction to Lurie bothers Banner, who also would not rank among the region's most popular people even though he has helped produce a consistent winner.

"I know this is controversial, but  I don't think there's another owner who would have kept this team in Philadelphia for the economic deal we got on our stadium.  I'm not trying to belittle the public contribution, but as it relates to what other cities did and other offers we had from other cities, I can't imagine many owners that would have come from someplace else and had the kind of loyalty that he demonstrated to these football fans and this city and the history of the franchise.  I don't think anybody recognizes that.  I don't think anybody thinks of that."

So making you gobs of money and making the Eagles one of the top 5 most valuable sports franchises in the country isn't enough for you? Selling out the stadium for god knows how many years in a row and filling up a season ticket waiting list for years is not enough appreciation for you? Give me a break. You want to be adored and loved? Win a superbowl.

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