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Eagles @ Saints Prediction Time

It's Friday and the game is Saturday ... a fact that I'm still annoyed with. I want to watch the Eagles on Sunday. I don't even like Monday Night games, which is probably blasphemous. Either way, it's prediction time.

Cris Carter picks a Saints win. What is his in depth analysis and basis for this decision you may ask? "Saints will keep pressure on Garcia." That's not an excerpt. That's it. Keep earning that check Cris!

Where's Buddy Ryan when you need him?

Fox sports picks the Saints.

No. Over the last six weeks -- all wins -- Philly has gone from barely breathing to plucky curiosity to division champs to two games from the Super Bowl. This team is good, very good. But as compelling as the Jeff Garcia-led ride has been, it will end in New Orleans. Garcia and Brian Westbrook will get theirs, but the loss of Lito Sheppard -- the kind of put-me-on-an-island cover corner that allows you to blitz with impunity -- will be too much for the Eagles to overcome as Sean Payton and Drew Brees carve up Philly.

The CBS computer picks the Saints by 2.

Pete Prisco also picks a Saints win.

Here's another game with a lot of intrigue when talking about one offensive unit against the other team's defense. The Saints were the highest-scoring team in the NFL, and Sean Payton is the best play-caller. He won't change his aggressive approach in the playoffs. The Eagles counter with an aggressive defense led by Jim Johnson. They will come after Drew Brees, which could lead to a lot of big plays. Look for Reggie Bush to come up big in the passing game. Jeff Garcia has had a nice run for the Eagles, but he will likely be in shootout here. Can he keep up? I don't think so.

So far, only Sean Salisbury on the ESPN panel has picked the Eagles. Oh crap.

One of the Six experts on the CBS panel pick's an Eagles win. Thanks Harmon...

In a pretty good in depth game analysis Tom Curran from NBC sports picks the Eagles to advance to the NFC title game. He also gives Andy Reid some much deserved credit. I've seen far too many people give the Saints the coaching edge in this game. Give me a break!

Saints coach Sean Payton was named Coach of the Year recently but he's up against one of the best in Philly's Andy Reid. Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has done a brilliant job of keeping the offense moving with Garcia and defensive coordinator Jim Johnson has years of big game experience from which to draw.
Advantage: Eagles

"Lo Bro" Lomas Brown thinks Brian Westbrook is going to make it a long day for the Saints, he picks the Eagles.

Iggles Blog have done their game preview. They are predicting an Eagles win by 7 without Joe Horn, if Horn plays he has the Eagles by 3.

Strange World Sports feels that the national media is picking this game with their hearts, not their head.

Deadspin echoes those sentiments and has some fun putting odds on the game.

I'm going to say Eagles 24, Saints 23. Another game winning kick ends it. Frankly, I plan on picking the Eagles from here on out...

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