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Tidbits - Tapeh Hurt? Andrews the best?

Not sure when this happened, but FB Thomas Tapeh is listed as questionable with knee strain for this weekend. Buckhalter would be the likely replacement at fullback and while he'd be an upgrade as a reciever/ballcarrier, he's not going to open the kind of holes Tapeh can.

Good news is that reporters noted that he was walking around fine.

I think the most interesting personality on this team by far is Shawn Andrews. I came across a very funny article about Shawn is a burgeoning fine art collector.

Also, did anyone catch Brian Baldinger proclaiming on TV that Andrews is the best offensive lineman in the game right now?

Quintin Mikell was named to SI's all pro team as a special teamer. Mikell has really been a revelation this year. With all the talk about looking for the eventual successor to Dawkins in this year's draft, maybe we already have the guy?

Finally a question for the day... With Lito out, William James has been activated and Rod Hood will presumably start in Lito's place. Who would you like to see out there most of the time? Hood has started for this team in Lito's absence before and played well, but has been underwhelming this year. William James has been a very good starting corner in this league, but has been injured for 2 years. Am I crazy to say that I trust Joselio Hanson over both those guys at this point? Hanson was much maligned earlier this year(with good reason), but has really shaped up and finished the year strong. I'd be interested to hear the discussion on this.

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