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McNabb to Vikings = Stupidest "rumor " ever written!

We've all heard alot of crazy rumors in our day, but this could possibly be the dumbest, and most made up yet!

From the "Overheard" section of the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. That's Minnesota for those playing at him...

Intriguing thought: If the Philadelphia Eagles were to beat the Saints on Saturday in New Orleans with quarterback Jeff Garcia, they would advance to the NFC championship game without starting QB Donovan McNabb, who's out with a knee injury.

Would Eagles coach Andy Reid, a pal of Vikings coach Brad Childress, who was McNabb's offensive coordinator in Philadelphia, then be willing to trade McNabb, 30, to the Vikings, who need a blockbuster playmaker to retain their season-ticket base?

Or would the Vikings try to sign the unrestricted free agent Garcia, 36, who runs the same West Coast offense as Childress, allowing Tarvaris Jackson more time to develop?

They go on after that blurb to list some supposed rumors about college football coaching vacancies.

Now, I'm fine with football fans or even writers stating opinions or even makings wish lists.  We all like to talk over a beer about how we think we could swing a deal for Player A or we know that Player B would love to come to our team...

However, I do take issue with a newspaper blatantly making things up or posting something the writer just guessed as a "rumor". It's not a rumor! The closest the writer gets to admiting it's completely made up is saying "interesting thought." It's in the "Overheard" section posted amongst other rumors. This might have been an "interesting thought" you had, but you certainly didn't "overhear" it. Not on any planet would or even could the Eagles trade Donovan McNabb to the Vikings and go on with 37 year old Jeff Garcia as their QB of the future. Not only is it ludicrous from a football standpoint, the Eagles salary cap couldn't possibly withstand the hit of dead money it would take to move McNabb now or probably any time in the next few years.

If you want to write an opinion column about what you think the Vikings should do, or what you hope they will do. Fine. Invent whatever you like. Just don't call it a "rumor" and act as if it has any credibility.

One small note... according to Sheldon Brown, Jeremy Shockey wants to be an Eagle.

Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown had a long conversation with New York Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey during Sunday's game at the Linc. The topic? "He wants to come play here," Brown said. That's not likely, since he is signed through the 2011 season.

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