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Power Rankings

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Tommorow we'll get into a game preview but today let's check in where the experts around the country think the Eagles rank heading into this week 4.

ESPN Rank #10 up from 15 - Watching a defensive tackle run with the ball like Mike Patterson did has to be one of the best things in football.

CBS Rank #10 up from 15 - They did a nice job bouncing back from that tough loss to the Giants by blowing out the 49ers. It's not easy for a team to go across the country and pull that off, which is a testament to Andy Reid.

Real Football 365 Rank #11 up from #14 - Remember the talk that Donovan McNabb is an average QB without Terrell Owens? Well, those who said that had better eat some crow. The 29-year-old McNabb has thrown seven touchdowns against one interception this year, with a whopping 960 yards.

Fox Sports Rank #9 up from #12 - Big rebound win for the Eagles Sunday in San Fran. Flying across the country after that Giants debacle to battle an inferior team could have made for the perfect trap game opportunity. The Packers come to town Monday night. What's the over/under on the amount of Philly fans holding up "4th-and-26" signs for the MNF cameras? And will Freddie Mitchell be one of the fans holding one?

Sports Illustrated Rank #11 up from #13 - Defensive tackle Mike Patterson, 6-0, 292, maintained a steady, formful pace as he progressed 98 yards to glory against the Niners. He didn't poop out and wobble out-of-bounds, as Baltimore's Haloti Ngata did. He didn't suffer a case of the staggers. He is therefore our choice to anchor the NFL's Fat Man's relay against the Japanese team of Sumo United. Go, USA!

So for the most part the national media outlets have the Birds around top 10 in the NFL and in the top 5 in the NFC. I'd say that's fair. The Eagles offense has looked fantastic, their pass rush has been dominant... but they've done some things that would prevent them from being considered a top 5 team in the NFL. Clearly the Giants collapse is the main reason they are not there, and the shockingly bad pass defense is another.

It's still unclear whether Lito Sheppard will return for this Monday night, but if he could that would go a long way in solving one of the major concerns with the team.

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