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TO attempts suicide?

The story dominating the news at the moment is that Owens was rushed was to the hospital last night with what was first reported as an adverse reaction to painkillers... Then the Dallas police leaked that it was a suicide attempt and that he'd apparently ingested 38 pills. That report is already being challenged by some other sources. All in all it's a very confusing situation at this point.

Our SBNation brethern at Blogging the Boys Cowboys blog is covering the story... after all, he's their problem now.

UPDATE - Michael Irvin has said he's talked to TO who does admit that when the police asked if he took pills to hurt himself he said "yes". However he denies that in any way this was a suicide attempt. This is a positive development. In the end we all want the guy to be safe.

Click ahead for some initial thoughts i've had

In all seriousness, is the this the scariest proof that inside this guy is really a fragile person that is desperate for attention? We all blamed his antics over the past few years as an egomaniac looking for self glory... However, when you look at the life the guy lived a different story story emerges. He had a tough childhood, he had no parents, he was not liked as a kid, he was picked on. He's spent his life trying to gain approval and fame. Maybe all along the guy was just screaming for help...

I hate TO as much as any Philly fan, but I felt bad for the guy after reading this. Football aside, the man is a human being and I hope he gets himself together.

Either way, this is cleary going to dominate the headlines for a quite a while...

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