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Bleeding Green Nation is born

I want to welcome everyone to the new home of the "blog formerly known as"...

Bleeding Green Nation is going to bring us better exposure and give the readers much more power to be involved in the discussions and the community.

What on earth is this site about?

If it's not completely obvious, this is a Philadelphia Eagles blog. My idea for it from day one was to not have one of those Eagles sites that basically just reposts stories they got off the official Eagles site. I'm not here to compete with the Eagles' own site as a news source. I'm here to capture the passion and fire of the Philadelphia Eagles fan. Now, we'll definetly be talking about the stories of the day but it's from a perspective of a real fan of the team. We're going to mix intelligent analysis with raving fandom. It should be fun!

It you want to read up on what's been going on in the Nation check my old site to get caught up.

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