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5 Questions with a Redskins blogger

This week I traded 5 questions with The Curly R Redskins Blog. My answers to their questions are here.

Reggie Loves facing the Skins...
BGN -  Clearly the big news in Redskins land since these teams last met is that you've a had a QB change. The 2nd year QB is going to be starting his 3rd(right?) game this weekend. Even though it's obviously very early on, that are your thoughts on his progress so far?

The Curly R - This will be Campbell's fourth start.  It is very early, but his numbers aren't bad for a young guy tossed into the starter role late in the year.  He's completed 50% of his passes and thrown 5 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.  Not a Tony-Romo like breakout by any means, but Campbell has shown signs that he can be a capable and exciting player.  His best moment so far was the 66 yard touchdown bomb he threw against Carolina.  It will be interesting to see what he can do given an entire preseason to prepare as the number one quarterback...assuming he is given that role next year.

BGN -  There's been a bit of a groundswell lately of support amongst Redskins bloggers & writers  to pressure the team into hiring a real GM to make football decisions. Do you think there's any chance Snyder gives up the fantasy football mentality and brings in a GM?

The Curly R - I really don't know.  Snyder is an enigma.  He stays out of the press limelight to avoid the rotten tomato barrage, so we don't often hear what's on his mind.  When he acts, he does so suddenly and his actions seem irrational.  In my opinion, the rational thing to do would be to give the GM model a shot.  I was hoping that the Iraq Study Group would issue a Redskins GM mandate as one of its recommendations, but alas, they stuck to the war, which isn't working either.

BGN -  Ladell Betts has done a fantastic job filling in for Portis these past few weeks and is a free agent at the end of this year. There's a good chance that some team is going to offer him the money and opportunity to start elsewhere. In your opinion, what should be the Skins' strategy on Betts? Can you pay two #1 backs?

No Portis, No Problem
The Curly R - Ladell Betts is my favorite member of the Redskins, so I'd be sorry to see him go.  He's an exciting player because he's both a running and receiving threat.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Giants made him an offer...he'd be an ideal replacement for Tiki Barber.  I don't think the Redskins should pony up the money that it's going to take to keep him.  They already have an expensive backup in TJ Duckett to spell Clinton Portis, and hopefully they can draft another backup in April.

BGN -  It's entirely possible that the NFC could send 3 teams to the playoffs. Before the season if I told you that very few people wouldn't have guess the Skins were one of those teams. How far are the Redskins from being a competitive team in the NFC East? Can they win it next year or are you looking beyond that?

The Curly R - That's a great's something I've thought about a lot.  The Skins are never far from being a competitive team in that they are never in abject rebuilding mode.  This team is a huge disappointment, but they're not Detroit or Arizona bad by any means.  That being said, true competitiveness remains elusive not because of a lack of talent but because of structural problems in the organization.

The Redskins have to be the most gimmicky team in all of football.  Each year they are trying out some new scheme, coach or free agent that is touted as a sure thing.  All their hopes are pinned on that one thing and when it doesn't work out, frustration leads to finger-pointing and soon enough the will to win is gone.  This year that one thing was Al Saunders' offense.  This goes back to the need for a GM...someone has to set an organizational philosophy and stick to it over the years.  When that happens, the Redskins will be competitive every year.

BGN -  Peter King is predicting the Eagles will beat the Skins 20-3 this weekend. Is that disrespect, ignorance, genius?

The Curly R - It's common sense.  The Eagles are still in the playoff hunt and the Redskins are polishing their golf clubs.


BGN -  Judging by his mustache, do you believe that Jason Campbell may have been a bartender in at an old west saloon in a past life?

The Curly R - Absolutely.  I think Jason Campbell should get a co-starring role with Will Smith in the "Wild, Wild West" sequel.

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