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2 Games to Glory

The path is fairly clear. The Eagles now control their playoff destiny as the #6 seed in the NFC with 4 games left.

He can't do it without a defense
This is the part of the season where we were supposed to have 8 wins already right? Remember before the year when the schedule came and we all saw this brutal 3 game division road stretch? The consensus was that we needed to have 8 or 9 wins already because there was a good chance the Eagles could lose all 3.

Well, there's good news and bad. Clearly, the bad news is that the Eagles are 6-6 and locked in a playoff race with 6 other teams within a game of them. They do not have the cushion they hoped going into this brutal stretch.

The good news? Well... it may not be so brutal. Granted, there is no such as an easy away game in the division. You can just about throw records out the window when NFC East teams meet. Still, it's hard to ignore the shape some of our upcoming rivals are in.

This Sunday, the Eagles travel down 95 to meet the Skins who have just 4 wins this year, have allowed the 6th most points allowed on defense in the NFL, are starting a young QB in his 3rd game, and went down to the Eagles 27-3 earlier this year.

Next week, the Eagles go up 95 to face the Giants who are losers of their last 4. The G-Men are traveling to Carolina this week and could possibly be under .500 and riding a 5 game losing streak going into the Eagles matchup.

The Eagles will walk a tightrope the rest of this year and have little to no room for error, but if they go into Christmas at 8-6 they should look very good in the weak NFC.

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