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Thoughts from a day of NFL football

Sunday morning I woke up to find that I had gotten the nasty stomach virus that seems to be going around. So in addition to spending a good portion of day vomiting... I spent my entire Sunday in bed watching a full slate of NFC games.

I figured I'd post a few thoughts I had while laying  in a cold sweat all day...

  • Watch any Bears game and tell me how many times you hear Lance Briggs' name called. About 10 times more then you Dhani Jones'. He's a free agent after this year, and the Eagles are in desperate need of a playmaking OLB...
  • The Bears clinched their division yesterday, but are they the worst 10-2 team you've ever seen? There's no doubt that they have a championship caliber defense, but their offense with Grossman at the helm is shockingly bad.
  • I really think the Vikings are a QB & a WR away from being a decent team.
  • The Giants are really starting to feel the Eagles' pain. Last week they blow a 21 point 4th quarter lead and this week they lose on a last 2nd FG.
  • You have to respect that Dallas survived a bad performance(3 turnover) from Tony Romo(although he did the job on the last drive). That's what they weren't doing early in the year. A bad game from Bledsoe doomed them, now they are picking up the QB. Romo get's all the credit for the Cowboys solid play over the last 5 weeks, but he's just one reason. They are playing better defensively and they are playing better on the offensive line. To think that Romo has been the only difference is short sighted.
  • I think Giants would have won yesterday had Tom Coughlin not been coaching them... To have 1st and goal twice and come out with 2 FGs is ridiculous. They didn't have too much trouble moving the ball on the Cowboys, but when they did get down on the red zone the playcalling was atrocious. They ran six plays inside the 10 and 4 were passes, all incomplete. This is a team with Tiki Barber & Brandon Jacobs at RB and Eli Manning at QB. Why would throw so many times in that situation. Plus, toward the end of the first half the Giants had a critical 4th and a half yard and Coughlin elected to run Jacobs to the outside rather than up the middle.
  • The Giants' alternate red jersey are awful. The Titans light blue pants with light blue jersey look is pretty bad too.

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