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Eagles host Falcons gameday open thread

With last night's Giants' win the Falcons have officially been eliminated from the playoffs. With a win today or a Dallas loss to Detriot, the Eagles win their 5th NFC East division title in 5 years...


CB William James
and S Michael Lewis are listed as questionable.

For the Falcons, WR Ashley Lelie is out and CB Jason Webster is doubtful.

Post any thoughts or comments on the Eagles game or any of the Sunday games here.

Update [2006-12-31 13:53:27 by BleedGreen]: Although this sounds like blatant rumor mongering on his part, ESPN's Sal Paolantonio is reporting that Falcons GM Rich McKay began compiling a list of replacements for Jim Mora who Sal says will be fired after the season.

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