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Herremans signs; Interior offensive line all locked up

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Len Pasquarelli has reported that the Eagles and offensive lineman Todd Herremans have agreed to a new 5 year deal.

Considering that they've already locked up Jackson and Andrews the Herremans signing guarantees that the interior of one of the better offensive lines in football is going to stay the same for at least the next 5 years. Considering that Winston Justice is also signed for the next several years, RT is the only position on the line that's not secured for the future.

Plus, who knows... if Herremans could move to his natural position at RT and Max Jean Gilles moved into his natural position at LG, the line could be completely set. Another great job by Joe Banner ensuring that the team's talented young core isn't going anywhere. Herremans is the 4th Eagle from the 2005 draft to get a new long term deal this year.