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McNabb still in the lockerroom

Les Bowen wrote an interesting piece about what's been going on with Donovan McNabb. I was actually somewhat surprised to hear that he's doing his rehab in the Novacare complex and has been in the lockerroom every day, mostly because we haven't heard from him...

An Eagles spokesman said yesterday that McNabb hasn't done a news conference since his Nov. 19 injury because he doesn't want to be a distraction as the Eagles try to wrap up the NFC East title Sunday against the visiting Atlanta Falcons. The spokesman said McNabb, who has done a few brief TV interviews, doesn't plan to speak in depth until the season is over.

Dawkins talked about McNabb's mood.

Donovan is a grown man and he understands what's going on," free safety Brian Dawkins said. "He's excited for what's going on with us. He's not in the background, backbiting and being upset. He's excited for what we're doing and also excited for what people were saying we weren't going to be able to do without him

Garcia said he and McNabb speak frequently.

"We don't necessarily discuss football," Garcia said. "The main thing he says to me is just, 'Handle your business. Keep doing what you're doing.' And my main thing is to let him know that we're all in this together. And he is helpful, even though he's not on the sidelines with us, and he is definitely a motivation, an inspiration to this team

Andy says Donovan is Jeff Garcia's biggest fan...

I talk to Donovan all the time and Donovan is one of Jeff's biggest fans," Reid said. "He's in here every day, encouraging people and being Donovan. He's pulling for the team. I don't think he's going to worry about the other thing [fan reaction]. He knows he's going to work like crazy and get himself back and ready to go.

Brookover basically quashes any thought that McNabb may not be happy with the success of the team without him

Those close to McNabb insist he is thrilled with the success of Garcia and his teammates, and has chosen to remain behind the scenes to avoid becoming any type of distraction.

"This is his position. I just have a temporary hold on it," Garcia said. "I'm just trying to do the best possible job I can to help this team win and I think Donovan's very supportive of that."

Dawkins said he speaks to McNabb almost daily and has not been given a single vibe that his friend and teammate over the last eight years feels threatened by Garcia's success in any way.

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