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Eagles put a HUGE win under the tree!

Well there must be some magic in that old quarterback we found...

Eagles 23 Cowboys 7

This is simply put a masterful performance by the coaching staff, the offense, the defense... This was a team win.

Who saw this coming? The Eagles in their 3rd straight division raod game went into Dallas and absolutely dominated on both sides of the ball. Not only a win on the road, but a blowout!

Defensively, through some sort of late sason miracle, a run defense has appeared! The Cowboys vaunted one two punch of Jones and Barber were completely shut down. Several Cowboys fans remarked to me before the game that Tony Romo would have a special present for us under the tree on Christmas... Well, he did in the form of two picks and a sub 50% completion percentage. That's Pro bowler Tony Romo we saw out there by the way...

Offensively, it continues to be the magic of Westbrook and Garcia coupled with a dominant offensive line that's carried us. The Eagles line paved the way for an incredible 200+ yards rushing and yet another 100 yard game from the pro bowl snub Westbrook. Garcia, whether it was moving out of the pocket and making plays, hitting Stallworth on the huge play out of the end zone, or tucking the ball away and running for first downs he did whatever he had to win this game. Bloody elbow, bloody hand, taped up... it didn't matter. It's almost as if the more you hurt him the better he gets. He's the typical Philly story... The guy that's too old, too small, past his prime, with too much to overcome yet through sheer heart makes the impossible possible.

Kudos to this whole team. What a win, what a Christmas present! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!!!!!! PS... I have something to say to Jimmy "The Eagles have no Shot in Dallas" Johnson. How bout them Cowboys? You moron.

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