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Eagles Giants Gameday Open Thread

Eagles @ Giants 4pm national game on Fox. A win today would make next week's Christmas Day showdown with Dallas for the NFC East title.

The Giants are without 2 starters on their offensive line. Luke Pettigout has been out for a few weeks and Center Shaun O'Hara is also out. An interesting scenario that has developed with the loss of O'Hara is that he will be replaced by Rich Seibert who had been playing TE to help out LT Bob Whitfield who is filling in for Pettigout. So essentially losing O'Hara has weakened 2 positions along the line. Plus, as we know anytime a change is made at Center you are bound to see some miscues and fumbled snaps. Will it make any difference in the Eagles run defense and pass rush?

The Giants will also be without Michael Strahan for the 6th straight week.

The Eagles will likely be without LB Shaun Barber.

Use this as an open thread for the game and any thoughts about the early games today.

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