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Games on NFL Network = Failed Experiment

I watched a good bit of the Dallas/Atlanta game tonight and was left with a few thoughts. None of which were about the game itself.

First, having the NFL on Thursday and Saturday nights sucks. Football is great because it's on Sunday with one game on Monday night. Having it on Thursdays and Sundays doesn't enhance your football experience, it waters it down. The anticipation, the build up is just not there when there's a game on every night.

The second thought I had as the game finished was that I can't believe I just watched an NFL game that was this poorly presented. Greg Gumbel and Deion Sanders(no Collingsworth tonight) shouldn't even be calling a high school game. Gumbel has no voice whatsoever. He has no urgency, no emotion, little to no knowledge of the game, and simply doesn't have the voice to cut through the noise of a football game. Any local radio announcer for any college team would have been a better choice than Gumbel. As for Deion Sanders... do I even need to explain that one?

Instead of strengthening their fledgling network, the NFL has sullied their product with this garbage. This failed experiment has to end this year. This game should have been on a real network, on a real football day, with a professional crew calling it.

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