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The Trouble with Reno Mahe

The Stormin' Mormon himself
We know what Reno Mahe can do. He can catch a kick, run forward, and get tackled as good as anyone in the NFL... At least we thought that.

With a great work ethic but a lack of talent Mahe has hung around this Eagles team far longer than he really should have. Everyone loves Reno because the guy honestly does leave everything out on the field but at this point I think all Eagles fans have run out of patience with him. He presents absolutely no threat whatsoever to return a kick or punt for a TD and after his very stupid play trying to field a punt he shouldn't have which led to a turnover... it seems as though even his biggest fan, fellow BYU Andy Reid, has lost faith him in.

Special Teams "ace" Jason Short was cut to make room for the return of RB/KR Bruce Perry. My guess is that Reno will still return some punts, although Westbrook will get a few chances as he did last week and Perry will take over on kickoffs. Perry posted a 27.3 average in 10 returns at the end of last year and in my opinion was the best KR on the team in the preseason. Perry is certainly no Devin Hester, not even close but he brings more of a spark than Mahe.

Our best hope for a real return threat is unfortunately on IR and now about 3 years removed from playing football... So unfortunately it appears that we will go even into next year with real question marks in a return game that hasn't scared anyone since the days of Brian Mitchell.

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