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Westbrook a Pro Bowler?

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CBS Senior Writer Clark Judge thinks so.

Pro Bowl rosters are announced next week, but I'm not going to wait -- I want your top three backs from the NFC now.

Frank Gore should be one. He leads the conference in rushing, so that's a no-brainer. Tiki Barber should be another. He's the NFC's second-leading ballcarrier. Plus, he's the heartbeat of the Giants.

The Eagles running back has been overlooked far too long, and it's time we fly him to Honolulu for February. I know, he went once as an alternate. Big deal. Look what he's done this season, and it's more than leading the Eagles in rushing, receiving, yards and touchdowns.

No, this is about playing. Despite showing up on the injury report every week, Westbrook missed only one game -- and durability was always the knock on the guy. Well, he has it now and, believe me, that is a big deal.

He then addresses those that think Steven Jackson should be the 3rd NFC RB...

But here's the number I like most: 6.2. That's the average yardage Westbrook gains each time he touches the ball. It's more than Jackson. It's more than Gore. It's more than Barber or LaDainian Tomlinson.

Now, look at his rushing figures. Westbrook isn't supposed to be that every-down back you can count on, remember? Yet he produced five 100-yard games and averages 5.1 yards a carry. Jackson has three 100-yard games and averages 4.3 yards per try.

Oh yeah, Westbrook also beats him in the department that counts most, touchdowns, nine to eight. Case closed.

 In short, Brian Westbrook can do it all. He can run. He has five games with seven or more receptions, including one with 12. And he returns punts if you ask him. He's invaluable and never was that more apparent to the Eagles than when he wasn't around.

He makes a pretty good case. Westbrook is in the midst of probably the best season of his career and I think a pro bowl nod is certainly in order.

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