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5 Questions with the Giants

This week I traded 5 questions with James @NFL-Giants,which for my money is the best Giants blog out there. My answers to his 5 questions are here.

The only play McDougle ever made
BGN -  An interesting subplot in the NFL this year has been how Eli Manning has had his struggles at times and has not seemed to take the next step everyone has wanted to see from him in his 3rd year as a pro. Meanwhile, the player and the pick he was traded for which
essentially became Philip Rivers and Shawne Merriman are leading the team that's the odds on pick to win the superbowl. What are your thoughts on that trade in hindsight? Bad? Good? Still too early to tell?

NFL-Giants - I didn't like the trade when it was made (I think the title of my blog entry back then was "Giant Mistake") but I've been praying I'm wrong ever since. Merriman is obviously awesome, but will his substance abuse issues recur or is he reliable? Can we compare Philip Rivers with Manning or are they being asked to do totally different things? However, had I been GM we would have drafted Sean Taylor and he's not a guy I really want to root for so I'm OK with the trade.

BGN -  Probably the biggest story with the Giants so far this year has been the percieved constant in fighting. Whether it's players calling out each other or the coach or vice versa it seems like since training camp there's a new story every day about unrest in the Giants locker room. Are things as unsettled as they seem or this a case of the NY media blowing it out of proportion?

NFL-Giants - Most Giants fans think (and hope) it has all been blown out of proportion. I personally have no problem with players calling out their coaches. Coughlin, Lewis, and co. have to be accountable.

BGN -  I'd like to hear some of your thoughts on Tom Coughlin. I work with alot of Giants fans and I must admit that I'm even related to one... and they all seem to want his head at the end of the season. Is that the feeling you get from most Giants fans and do you agree?

NFL-Giants - Yes and yes. When TC took over he promised to eliminate penalties and bring back Giants football. We have an undiscilplined team (though it wasn't too bad vs. Carolina) and this heavy emphasis on low percentage pass plays isn't only not Giants football, it's not even good
football. We need a staff that's not going to do stupid things like attempt a 52 yard field goal in terrible conditions without making sure the guys were ready for Hester.

BGN -  I'd be remiss if I didn't ask you about Tiki Barber retiring at the end of the year. It's pretty rare that a guy that's top 5 at his position hangs it up in his prime. How and where do you see the Giants going forward without the guy who has probably been the face of their franchise for the past 6 or  7 years?  

NFL-Giants - There's some excitement among Giants fans about Brandon Jacobs taking over the starting RB spot. He's big, strong and fun to watch. The Giants will need a 3rd down / change of pace type back. A few people wonder if Marshall Faulk can really make the comeback he says he will, but I'd rather see this addressed in the draft.

BGN -  If you could steal one player off the Eagles roster who would it be and why?

NFL-Giants - Great question. I had to think pretty hard about this one. I'm going to say Brian Westbrook because he would be a great change of pace from Brandon Jacobs, not to mention that he's simply a hard player to stop anyway. I did consider CB Lito Sheppard here as well. I'm uneasy with the Giants CB situation. Madison had a great game against Steve Smith and Carolina but is old and has been hurt. Corey Webster has had ups and downs. RW McQuarters is solid - he's a very good nickel back who can start on the outside but hopefully won't. Kevin Dockery had a nice game against Carolina but he is a rookie UDFA and I don't really want to rely on him. Frank Walker seems to have been pretty useless his entire career so I'm not sure why he's still on the team.


BGN -  I'm stealing yours here. Which Eagle player do you hate most and why?

NFL-Giants - Brian Dawkins because of his cheap shot on Ike Hilliard.

I want to thank James and definitely encourage you to check out NFL-Giants at some point this Eagles/Giants week. I forgive him for his blaspheme against #20...

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