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Despite Defensive Collaspe, Eagles Win


Well... they certainly aren't making this easy. Despite getting run on to the tune of 200+ yards and nearly blowing an 18 point lead the Eagles pulled one out on the road against their divisional rival Redskins.

Funny enough, this game ended much like the first Eagles/Redskins game this year did with the Eagles working the run game and controlling the clock to the buzzer on the final drive. While it ended similar, the journey to the end couldn't have been more different.

The Eagles won in the kind of fashion they've been forced to in the 2nd half of this year. Get dominated on the ground, but make just enough plays to win. That's what happened last week, that's what happened this week, and if they're lucky that's what will happen next week as they face Tiki Barber and the Giants.

Bottom line is that these past couple weeks have been a fun ride. The team is scrappy and are pulling pulling games out, Jeff Garcia has been a great story as he played yet another solid and mistake free game, Westbrook continues to be our star, and the defense while getting run all over seems to have one big play a game in them. It's been fun, and I'm happy to have hope and something to root for in December... but it doesn't change the fact that this team is need of a full overhaul on the defensive side of the ball this offseason. It is very obvious that things aren't going to get any better this year. Benching Matt McCoy, playing Lewis as a LB... these are all just attempts at fixing something that can notbe fixed with this current group. This team get's dominated at the point of attack and no new schemes or players on this current roster will change that.

I don't want to complain too much after a win and in the end I'm writing this as one happy Eagles fan. Great win against the Skins and now let's turn our eyes up 95 to a national TV showdown with the NY Giants. Can we give up 200 yards rushing and beat them too? We'll see...

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