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Is Reid a great coach or did he make one great pick?

Since the Eagles don't play until Monday night, I figured I'd spend today being philosphical.

Considering the dissapointment the team has been this year and given the struggles of some of the younger players on the team, two topics have been hotly discussed in the Eagles Nation....

Should Andy be fired and is he a good evaluator of talent?

Those questions sparked a thought in my head. How much of Andy's success here is on the back of one draft pick? We could debate for hours on the numbers of draft picks he's made that have panned out or not and how that amount stacks up to the rest of the coaches or GMs around the leauge. My guess is that it's not all that far off. One thing that's not really up for debate is that he got one pick right. Donovan McNabb.

Is there any more important draft pick that defines a coach or GM than the franchise QB? Had Andy drafted Akili Smith, Tim Couch or Cade McNoun who were all first round picks in McNabb's draft class would he still be here today? I don't think so.

Would his system and his other picks or acquisitions have worked out if he had picked the wrong QB? If Andy was fired after this year and went to another team would he be able to rebuild that team like he did the Eagles without a chance to draft a premier QB and getting it right? It's certainly an interesting question.

I've been hearing and reading some things from New York this past week about the possibility of Giants GM Ernie Accorsi or coach Tom Coughlin possibly being fired. This is all on the heels of the talk that Eli Manning could be turning out to be a bust. If the Giants had drafted Phillip Rivers would they still be home underdogs to the Cowboys this week? Who knows...

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