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Birds after a bye and a MUST READ new blog

In a week where all Eagles fans are looking for good news... we reached that wonderful time every year where the media reminds you how great Andy Reid has been after the bye. As I'm sure you've heard and will hear this weekend that since Andy Reid's arrival the Eagles have never lost a game following their bye week. He is a perfect 7-0. Combine that with the fact that the game against the Skins this weekend is one of only 3 the rest of this year against teams with sub .500 records(one more against TN and again against WAS)... and there's just no excuse for losing.

In my absolute favorite new find of the week(thanks to the Curly R for finding this one). It seems as though benched Cowboys QB Drew Bledsoe(well, we can pretend at least right?) has started his own blog about his experiences since he was benched and his feelings toward his replacement at Please help Drew out and give his blog a visit.

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