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Surprise, Surprise: Eagles Lead NFL in drops

Yet more proof that the Eagles continue to shoot themselves in the foot time and time again...Mark Narducci wrote a piece in the Inky that should surprise just about no one who has watched the Eagles this year... Offensively, there is no bigger paradox in the NFL than the Eagles...

The Eagles lead the NFL in yards per catch with 14.3 per game. They are fifth in scoring offense - only Indianapolis, with 17 touchdown receptions, has more than the Eagles, who have 16. Those are statistics that characterize a big-play offense.

So, on the surface, the receivers, tight ends and running backs appear to be having a banner year.

Except that the Eagles lead the NFL in the most dubious of receiving statistics - dropped passes. According to Stats LLC, which tracks these figures, the Eagles have 27 dropped passes. Even though quarterback Donovan McNabb leads the NFL in passing yards with 2,312 in eight games, his receivers lead the league in dropped passes.

Reggie Brown, who has 26 receptions for 502 yards and five touchdowns, is tied for the NFL lead with seven. In addition to Brown, running back Brian Westbrook has six dropped passes, tight end L.J. Smith has four, and receiver Donté Stallworth, who has missed four games, has three.

A dropped pass, according to Stats, is any incomplete pass that was catchable with a normal effort.

Of course LJ Smith made a good point...

"I have heard that before about the drops," Smith said. "We throw a lot, too, and with that comes the possibility that there will be more drops."

What's causing this? Brian Westbrook seems to think it's because guys are focused on making plays after the catch that they aren't looking the ball all the way in. If that's so and give how widespread it is, this has to be an issue that the coaching staff has to take heat for. Whether they have this team so focused on the making the big play that they are forgetting the fundamentals, whether they are just throwing the ball too damn much, or they have just not stocked the team with fundamentally sound recievers... Andy needs to do a better job here. It can't be a coincidence that suddenly every reciever on the team can't hold on to the ball.

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