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Reason to be optimistic after bye?

Marc Narducci wrote an interesting article in the Inky about Andy Reid Era Eagles after their bye week.

Last Sunday's 13-6 defeat by the Jacksonville Jaguars was the first of three straight home games for the Eagles, who will host the Tennessee Titans after meeting the Redskins.

The Eagles are hoping that history repeats itself, at least concerning their results after the bye week. Under Reid, the Eagles are 7-0 in games after the bye.

The record after the bye week under Reid is 44-18, and that includes a 3-8 mark last year when injuries and Terrell Owens fallout were major contributors to a 6-10 season.

To go 9-7 and give themselves a shot at a wildcard, the Birds need to go 5-3. To go 10-6 and give themselves a good shot at a wildcard and maybe a divsion, they need to go 6-2. To me the plan is simple. They need to win every home game and take of 3 from the NFC East in that 3 game road stretch. If they do those things they are in the playoffs.

Easier said than done...

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