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McNabb, the pitchman

It seems that in the wake of TO fiasco, McNabb has emerged as a very lucrative pitchman. McNabb came out of the whole ordeal as the kind of classy, level headed, smart guy that you'd want pitching your product. Until now, it appeared that the only player in the NFL that could be trusted as a pitchman was Peyton Manning. This is of course evidenced by the fact that he's on every single commercial during any given NFL game.

So it is perhaps not surprising that in the wake of Owens' season long hissy fit directed at him, McNabb has emerged with two new lucrative endorsement deals as well as a twist on an old one. The longtime Chunky soup pitchman this year signed on with Vitamin Water and next year the company plans to make him a central figure in its national campaign; in October, McNabb inked a seven-figure deal with Novartis, a pharmaceutical company, to serve as its spokesman in a diabetes public awareness campaign that comes just as Novartis awaits FDA approval for a new drug aimed at Type-2 diabetes, which McNabb's father, Sam, has; and on Tuesday at Macy's, he and Reebok will unveil the Super Five clothing line.

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