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Bunkley's Reason? You Won't Believe it

From the official Eagles site.

Much was made of how Broderick Bunkley missed the team charter flight despite participating in a team practice just 2 hours earlier.

It turns out he had a good excuse, he needed to get some chicken.

Bunkley said that he was "picking up some chicken" for his teammates, which is a rookie tradition, and was caught in a traffic jam after a traffic light on Bartram and Island Ave. near the Philadelphia airport was out. Bunkley said that he arrived in Indianapolis a "couple of hours later" and still "made all of the meetings."

He went on to say he apologized to coach Reid and "had no problem" with the punishment.

Sorry, I know already said this but it's important... I just find it somewhat odd that one guy can miss a team flight but miss no meetings or practices and get deactivated, yet another guy(Cole) can kick Eli Manning setting up the game tying FG and not only start the next week but get a huge contract extension. It's also interesting that Jerome McDougle got a roughing the passer penalty and then kicked the flag to get another penalty totaling 30 yards which gave the Bucs all the field position they needed to win and he was not punished.

I'm not saying Andy was wrong for benching Bunkley, but I really am having trouble understanding his discipline methods. Why is it okay to do stupid things that lose games, yet if you dare miss a team flight you're on the bench? Why is getting pancaked over and over by an opposing team not a bench-able offense, but missing the team flight is?

Maybe this is why the Eagles make so many stupid plays on the field, yet never seem to get in trouble off the field...

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