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Eagles lose 45-21 to the Colts

Decent job by the offense. Westbrook was nothing short of fantastic, Garcia did a completely acceptable job... but the defense was shocking. More specifically the run defense.

Who would have thought the Colts would score 45 points and Manning would complete 14 passes, throw for just 183 yards, with 1 TD & 1 INT?

The Colts put up over 200 yards rushing and became the 3rd team in 4 games to do so vs the Eagles. Manning never really had to throw the ball as Joseph Addai ran all over the Eagles behind a Colts offensive line that absolutely manhandled the Eagles front 7. The defensive line and the linebackers were just pathetic. This defense needs a complete overhaul up front. I also have to wonder whether or not it may be time to look beyond Jim Johnson.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more complete thoughts on the game. This was just another embarrassment and total letdown from the defense.

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