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Eagles @ Colts Gameday Thread

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Eagles @ Colts
Sunday, November 26, 2006
8:15 PM  RCA Dome

Post all you thoughts as well as any last minute injury news right here.

Jeff Garcia... show me what you got!

Also be sure to check out our pals at Stampede Blue for the game from a Colts perspective.

Update [2006-11-26 20:20:48 by BleedGreen]: Colts safety Bob Sanders is officially out.

Update [2006-11-26 21:8:20 by BleedGreen]: DT Broderick Bunkley is inactive. The AP says he missed the team plane. He flew in on his own later Saturday, but they decided to deactivate him for the first time this year. That's just great. Way to become a player in this league Bunkley.