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Eagles in pads for Thanksgiving

This comes off as a coach that's reaching for answer to a problem he just doesn't understand...

Cue the tired baseball analogy

Andy Reid compared it to the kind of slump a hitter or pitcher goes through in baseball.

If that's the case, then the Eagles' tacklers are Pat Burrell right now and the pass catchers are Arthur Rhodes.

"It happens and you've got to work your way through it," Reid said yesterday before the Eagles held their first practice in preparation for Sunday night's game against the Indianapolis Colts. "There are slumps and you have to work your way through it. If you just sit there and think it's going to change, then you're wrong."

Reid's way of trying to initiate change in the missed-tackle department was by making his players put on shoulder pads for practice. "That's the only way I know how to fix it, and the players understand that," Reid said.

Asked whether it was unusual to put his players in pads this late in the season, Reid admitted that it was.

Putting on pads in practice is the only way you know how to fix that fact that your team can't tackle or catch a ball? Really? That's the only way?

In other bad news... Donte Stallworth's hamstring injury is back and he is now listed as questionable for this weekend. Perfect.

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