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The trouble with Rod Hood

An interesting thing happened before Sunday's game against the Titans. CB Rod Hood was deactivated. He wasn't injured, he was part of a pass defense that hadn't give up a TD since the Saints game... He had no indication during the week that he wouldn't be playing. This is a guy that's played here and done a admirable job as the nickel corner and even starter for 4 years. Why would a guy like Rod Hood find out the day of the game that he was deactivated?

I have no idea what's going on. You'll have to ask them

Ok, let's ask Andy.

We felt Joselio did a little bit better job in practice this week

Are you kidding? This was the Joselio Hanson who had 2 arms around Pacman Jones but failed to tackle him on his punt return for a TD. Now, I've always thought Rod Hood was a tad bit overrated by Eagles fans... but in no person in their right mind is going to sell me that Joselio Hanson is better than Hood. Methinks there's something else afoot here.

Could it just maybe be that Hood is in the final year of his deal and has elected to test the free agent waters rather than accept the discount deal offered by the Eagles?

This is just a nasty move on the part of the organization. This is quality player who has given the team good service in his career, and they are really trying to screw him here. Now rather than going into free agency as a valuable 3rd corner with starting experience and potential, he's going to be a guy who spent part of the year injured and the rest not even dressing for some games.

That has to be the explanation. I simply can not accept that smart football people would actually believe that Joselio Hanson deserves a roster spot over Hood.

In another pretty crazy note. DT Broderick Bunkley was the only Eagle to dress and not play a down. Despite the fact that Darwin Walker was getting blown up at the line of scrimmage, Bunkley couldn't get a snap. On his Sunday night show "Sports Final" on NBC10 Howard Eskin reported that Jeremiah Trotter, apparently frustrated with Walker's play, even asked Jim Johnson during the game why they would dress Bunkley if they weren't going to let him play?

Good question. However, what was Andy's response when asked about all this?

I'm not going to get into all that

Sorry Andy. Your time to play the "just trust me I know what I'm doing" game is over. There's serious questions as to whether you do know what you're doing. You owe us and your players some explanations.

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