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ESPN: What's Wrong With the Eagles?

ESPN gathered up a few of their "usual suspects" panel of ex NFL guys and asked them, what's wrong with the Eagles? They all had pretty much the same thought as the rest of us...

Eric Allen: The problem with the Eagles is simple: They don't stop the run and they can't run the football in a physical nature. This is a team that relies way too much on the big play to be successful. In perfect circumstances, that's OK, but not now with the weather getting worse. Those big plays are too reliant on good weather because you can't expect Donovan McNabb to complete the big pass. The Eagles have to find a way to stop the run or they will be run out of the playoff race.

Schlereth: The Eagles' biggest problem is they can't stop the run. They have to rely on getting ahead early so the blitz packages they bring out will be successful. Right now, with the absence of Jevon Kearse on the edge, this team's edge rushers are just too light to get it going against the run.

Theismann: They are simply too soft to be successful in the NFL. The running game is not physical enough. Teams in this league have to be able to pound the ball and this team can't. If it's third and short, they can't rely on the running game to get them that yard or two that they need. That will cost them down the stretch.

Andy, your move...

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