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Why this season is so frustrating...

I came upon This link the other day that listed the amount of pro sports championships won by teams in each city with at least one NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL team.

New York - 47 (although they have more teams than any other city in North America, so that stands to reason. They have at least 2 titles in each sport and their 34 total baseball titles lead the way.)

Boston - 31 (another northeast city with teams in all pro sports that trounces us in terms of titles. Boston has at least 3 titles in all pro sports with their 16 basketball titles leading the way. Red Auerbach RIP)

Montreal - 26 (they have teams in 2 major sports but all 26 of their titles are n hockey)

Detroit - 17 (They have at least 3 titles in every major sport other than football, where they have none... Their 10 titles in hockey lead the way)

Chicago - 15 (They have won a title in every major sport and their 6 NBA titles lead the way. The Cubs and Sox combined for 5 titles. Like Detroit, this is another old city like Philly with old teams that has won more than us.)

Toronto - 15 (They only have teams 3 major sports and have won 2 titles in baseball and 13 in hockey)

Los Angeles - 14 (With 1 baseball team, 2 basketball, 2 football at times, and a hockey team. They have 9 in basketball and 5 in baseball)

And tied for 8th place with Pittsburgh(3 pro sports teams) and St Louis(3 teams at the moment)...

Philadelphia - 12 (6 in basketball, 5 in baseball, 2 in hockey & 0 in football.)

This list only takes into account superbowl era NFL titles, since the Eagles did win 3 NFL titles before the merger. The saddest part of this list is that several of those titles were won by the Philadelphia Athletics and Philadelphia Warriors. The Athletics won all but one of the World Series titles. It took the Phillies 97 years to win their first title... The Warriors won one title in basketball.

What this mean is that of the teams currently in the city we have a grand total of 6 titles. Well below any city with 4 pro sports franchises and below or tied with several cities with one or two pro sports teams. In fact from what I can tell, only Washington DC(who hasn't had 4 teams in over 40 years until the Expos moved and became the nationals) has less titles with 5.

There's never been a dynasty team in this city. The Yankees, Celtics, Bulls, Canadiens, Red Wings, Maple Leafs, Lakers, Steelers... all those cities can claim dynasties. Not us. It's now been 26 years since a Philly team last won a title (The Sixers in 83.)

This is why when a team falls short or doesn't appear to put maximum effort on the line it drives us mad. We've been living in a big city, supporting our pro sports teams for over a hundred years and we have very little if anything to show for it. The Eagles are .500, the Flyers stink, the Sixers stink, and the Phillies... well, they're the Phillies. They've lost more games than pro sports franchise on earth. There appears to be nothing great to look forward to and there's really no history to look back on.

Year after year, disappointment after disappointment, we come back anyway. The problem is, we aren't like Cubs fans... We aren't loveable losers. We hate this. We hate losing. I hope the Eagles know that, and I hope they know that if it was a team of Philly fans taking the field they'd never lack heart and they'd never come out flat for a game. They have a burning desire to taste a championship that has been festering for pretty much our whole lives. I'd like to see a team take the field next week that looks like they feel that way too.

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