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The Sum Of All Fears

It seems pretty pointless right now to discuss the Titans game and the way the Eagles played...

Bottom line? McNabb is done for the year. This thing is over.

This is going to be the second year in a row where our season is ended in the damnedest of ways. It's one thing to get beat, it's one thing if you team isn't good enough. To have it slip away due to injury is just unfair. It's fate you don't wish on any team. Rather than a season ending on the field where it belongs, this one ended in the trainer's room. That's just not right. Not for 2 years in a row.

It certainly seemed that everyone in that stadium and everyone on the team could feel that McNabb was finished. We've all seen McNabb answer the bell after big hits, we've seen him play on a broken ankle, we've seen him march out keep fighting with muscles torn... when he couldn't get up, you knew that it was serious.

Unfortunately, rather than step up their game after the loss of their leader... the team decided not to answer the bell either. Atrocious tackling led to one unforgivable big rushing TD, and then even more shockingly bad tackling led way to the killer punt return for a TD.

For what it's worth I'll give Jeff Garcia credit for the job he did in relief of McNabb. He hadn't taken a snap all year and most likely assumed he never would and put in a decent effort anyway. There were some snap miscues that were to be expected and he was inaccurate at times, but overall you clearly see how much of an upgrade a veteran like Garcia is over the likes of Mike McMahon.

Just to make it official here's the story from the Eagles official site.

Donovan McNabb's season ended Sunday when the quarterback tore the ACL in his right knee. Andy Reid estimated that recovery time following surgery will be anywhere from eight to 12 months. Meanwhile, the head coach offered no word on who will start next week in Indianapolis.

"They'll do the surgery on it and he'll get himself back and he'll get right back in the swing of things," Reid said. "Until then, he's got some hard work ahead of him. He'll get after it and aggressively approach it."  

We can't give up on the team and the in the end we'll keep rooting for them to make a playoff run... but the air has been let of this season. There's no doubt about that. All the big second half games that we were looking forward to suddenly just don't mean as much. What's worse is that with this ACL tear, even next year is in doubt.

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