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5 Questions with a Titans blogger

In anticipation of this weekend's clash with the Titans, I traded 5 questions with Jimmy over at Music City Miracles.

My answers to his questions can be found here.

BGN - First and foremost, what are your thoughts on the progress of Vince Young? Is he a franchise QB? Is he not? Too early to tell?

Music City Miracles - He is a franchise QB.  The kid is a true leader and that is something the Titans franchise is in desperate need of.   He is also a winner.  He reminds us a lot of McNair in the fact that his numbers don't usually look that good but he puts you in a position to win.   Look at the last drive against Baltimore last week.  He got the Titans into position to kick a field goal.  (the kick was blocked and the Titans lost but you get the idea)

He is progressing nicely.  He still needs a little work in the accuracy department and he needs to pull it down and run a little more but all of this will come in time.

BGN - Albert Haynesworth has finished serving his suspension and can play this weekend although it's unclear whether he will. What are your thoughts on what he did, how contrite he's been, and do you want to see him wearing a Titans uniform again?

Music City Miracles - What he did is one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen done on a football field.   When it first happened I said he should be done for the year.  He has a temper problem and has all his life.  There were a couple of incidents at the University of Tennessee and more here with the Titans.

That being said, I am glad the Titans have decided to bring him back.   He has been nothing but contrite since the incident happened.  He watched games with underprivileged kids, went to counseling and kept himself in shape during his suspension.   He deserves another chance here.

He should he on an extremely short leash for the rest of the time here.   If anything at all happens, and I mean anything, he should be off the team.

BGN - (this question may sound condescending, but I assure you it's not) In Philly, you are born an Eagles fan. The team, having been founded in 1933 has been around our entire lives. People in this city live and die with their Eagles. The Eagles/Cowboys game this year did a 60 share in the TV ratings in Philly! The Titans, having been moved to TN less than 10 years ago, have one of the "newest" fan bases as far as NFL football goes. Do you perceive a difference in the fan bases of a newer as opposed to an older team?

Music City Miracles - I don't think there is much of a difference here because most people here have a college team that they have lived and died with all of their lives.   People in this area are extremely passionate about football from high school all the way to the NFL.  When the Titans came here it was natural for people to latch on to a local product.   It may be different in some areas of the country but not in the south.

BGN - Since we are just past the halfway point of the season, who is the Titans' MVP so far? And who has been their biggest goat?

Music City Miracles - It is hard to find an MVP on a 2-7 team.  If I have to chose someone it would probably be Travis Henry because he has been a solid runner and has helped to open things up for VY.

The goat is Adam Jones.  He is constantly doing something to cause a distraction.   Anything from getting arrested at night clubs, 2 of them, to not being able to catch punts and pouting when Fisher puts someone else out there who can.   He also doesn't talk to the media anymore because he is upset with Frank Wycheck for saying on the radio the Titans will never win a Super Bowl with him on the roster.

BGN - If you could add one Eagles' player to the Titans' roster, who would it be?

Music City Miracles - Before the Titans drafted VY I would have wanted McNabb.   At this point I would have to say Brian Westbrook.  Even though Henry has reemerged this year as a solid running back, Westbrook is so dangerous because he can do so many different things.   It must be fun to watch the combination of McNabb and Westbrook every week.

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