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Westbrook really can carry the load!

Reuben Frank says that Andy's thinking has changed as far as limiting Westbrook's touches.

What a Novel Idea!!!

Two years ago, Andy Reid gave Brian Westbrook 22 carries in a game against the Bears at Soldier Field. He immediately regretted it.

Westbrook came out of that game with a broken rib, missed a game against the Ravens, came back a week later but really wasn't the same physically for several weeks.

That's when Reid began strictly monitoring Westbrook's carries. He averaged just 121/2 carries the rest of 2004, 13 per game last year and 13.9 the first eight games this year.

On Sunday, Westbrook matched his career-high from that Chicago game with 22 carries in the Eagles' 27-3 win over the Redskins.

This time, Westbrook came out of the game feeling fine, and this time Reid had no reservations about the workload that he and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg -- who called the game -- gave Westbrook.

Reid said he believes Westbrook is more physically capable of handling 22 carries than he was two years ago and said he doesn't think there's any longer a need to limit Westbrook's touches.

"I think over the last couple years he has put on more strength and a bit more bulk, as much as he can on his frame, and changed up his workout program just a little bit," Reid said yesterday. "I think he can handle that load as long as his leg holds up."

There's always been a perception that Westbrook is injury prone. He's finished two of the last three seasons on Injured Reserve and missed a game and several practices earlier this year with a knee injury.

But now it looks like Reid is removing all restrictions on his fifth-year running back, who leads all NFL regular running backs with a 5.2 per-carry average.

Like I've been saying over an over again. It doesn't matter whether you still think Westbrook is injury prone or not. There's nothing left to save him for. It's all must wins from here on out and I think Andy realizes that he needs to ride his best horse if he wants to win this one down the stretch...

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