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5 Questions with a Redskins blogger

Earlier this week I submitted 5 questions to Ben at the Redskins blog The Curly R. Below are his responses. You should be able to find my responses to his 5 questions on his site later today.

The full interview is after the jump...

BGN The Redskins looked like the clear winners in the offseason arms race as they acquired one high priced free agent after another. Yet the team has only 3 wins to show for it. Which of those free agents/trades have worked out or been busts so far?

Curly R - Andre Carter has been kind of busty.  He's not playing on every down he's been just average when he's in the game.  Maybe he's not totally failing, but he's sure not living up to his 6 year, $30 million contract.  Christian Fauria was another impact signing and was supposed to be the main blocking tight end, but the midseason evaluation of his is just meh.  I guess Chris Cooley is not a blocker (wouldn't want to mess up that pretty face).

The receivers, Antwaan Randle El and Brandon Lloyd have just not had a lot of passes thrown their way.  ARE seems to be turning into a possession receiver with a couple of tricks up his sleeve every game and Brandon Lloyd, to paraphrase Buddy Ryan, only makes circus catches.

Without question, the bust of the litter has been Adam Archuleta.  He couldn't cover a pancake with syrup and he's always behind the play.  He's a big hitter, but not next to Sean Taylor.  He's been demoted to backup in favor of Troy Vincent, which is no knock on Vincent, since I think he'd like a taste of Arch's $30 million contract, complete with $10 million guaranteed.

BGN Washington was a team that most pundits had in the playoffs and a few had in the superbowl, who deserves the most blame for the Redskins surprising start?

Curly R - Dan Snyder, because he has the reverse Midas touch.  Everything around him turns to shit.  He has surrounded himself with yesmen who nod themselves into whiplash and doesn't have the balls to bring in someone like Bobby Beathard or a Joe Banner to make tough and realistic personnel choices and stand up to an infantile owner with delusions of greatness.  Note that Dan Snyder never comes onto the field anymore because he gets booed.

Joe Gibbs because as President of Football Ops, he's the one responsible for bringing in this crop of free agents.  The only problem:  Joe may be able to put together a great plan to win a football game, but he's always been suspect when it comes to player evaluation (hello Desmond Howard).

Mark Brunell because his spaghetti arm makes Steve Walsh's look like Randall Cunningham's.

BGN Is this Joe Gibb's last year?

Curly R - No.  He'll be back.  He ain't goin out like that.  After the Titans loss, he admitted he was too lax in preseason and that next year would be different, and I think Joe would not make a statement like that if'n he dint mean it.  And besides, as Mike Ditka said in the Cowboys-Redskins postgame, Joe's got 5 million reasons to come back again.

BGN I always say that Eagles fans' see their NFC East rivals(in terms of who they want to beat most) this order #1 Dallas,  #2 New York, & #3 Washington. How do most Skins fans rank their rivals?

Curly R - For most Redskins fans, it's Dallas, then a tossup between the Giants and Eagles.  For me personally, the Eagles rivalry is number one, maybe because I have had the good fortune to attend so many Eagles games in the past seven years, mostly non-Redskins games, and maybe because of whipped-puppy syndrome from so many Cowboys beatings.  The Redskins have a healthy deficit to the Eagles over the past few years, but somehow I have always had more respect for the Eagles since Buddy Ryan took his bounties into retirement.  The Eagles games are always circled on my calendar.

BGN If you could take one player from the Eagles roster on the Skins, who would it be?

Curly R - Donovan McNabb!  Do you even have to ask?  But we have to make the trade now because he'll be damaged goods with a Sean Taylor-sized hole through him after Sunday.


BGN Can I get in Daniel Snyder's fantasy football league(aka the NFL) next year?

Curly R - Imaginary conversation between Dan Snyder and Vinny Cerrato:
Dan:  I hear this Jason guy is pretty good.
Vinny:  yes Mr. Snyder
Dan:  even though I've never seen him and I don't think he's ever played ball we should call up his agent.
Vinny:  yes Mr. Snyder.
Dan:  so what do you think he's worth?  $20 million.  No, $30 million, make it guaranteed.  He'll be here for years.
Vinny:  yes Mr. Snyder.
Dan:  so it's settled then.  $40 million.  Get the plane ready.
Vinny:  right away Mr. Snyder.

It appears that's how this team was built.

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