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Andrew Perloff, we're waiting for the mea culpa...

Now it's time for the haters to pay the piper

From his column

TO will win this round against the Eagles

Sunday is a big game for Dallas, but not because of Terrell Owens' return to Philly. This week the Cowboys begin to separate themselves from the rest of the NFC East.

Owens will likely have a good game -- let's say six catches for 95 yards -- against an Eagles secondary he knows very well from practice. But the Cowboys' real heroes will be their numerous pass-rushers, who will quickly end the Donovan McNabb for MVP talk.

McNabb's luck has been unbelievable this season. He's amassed a league-leading 1,248 passing yards against the No. 32, No. 31, No. 29 and No. 24 pass defenses in the NFL. The formula for beating the Eagles is simple: hit McNabb hard early and the offense will never recover. The Cowboys have had eight defenders get sacks this year, and it's always hard to predict where they'll bring the pressure from. And Philly doesn't have any chance of running the ball Sunday with its hobbled backfield, which means Dallas will be in good position to come after McNabb.

Look for Philly fans to leave the Linc on Sunday wondering if maybe the team shouldn't have sided with T.O. after all. Prediction: Dallas 27, Philadelphia 17

Hindsight is 20/20 and you were wrong Andrew, and I hope you have the guts to fess up to it. It's one thing to pick a team to lose, but this guy was smug, insulting, & arrogant about it. TO got his comeuppance yesterday. Today, it's your turn.

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