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Still no answers

I usually like to post a game preview by now, but I've been hesitant to without knowing who exactly is going to play this week.

As of Friday Westbrook, Stallworth, & Hood all missed practice. Hood seems to be the only guy certain not to play. All the Eagles will say about Westbrook & Stallworth is that they are "day to day." We've gotten zero indication one way or the other as to whether either is going to step on the field come Sunday.

The problem is, the analysis of the game obviously changes dramatically if the Eagles are without McNabb's top 2 offensive weapons. Frankly, without them it would likely take a legendary performance from McNabb and the defense to win this game. There's not a doubt in my mind that a fully healthy Eagles offense can beat the Cowboys D, but without them it's a tall order. It's all tall order for any team to beat another good team without their 2 top weapons...

We'll see if any more news trickles out.

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