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Injuries! AHH!!!

I think it's fair to say that possibly the biggest concern so far this year with this team has been staying/getting healthy.

At points the team has lost it's starting corner, backup corner, starting RB, starting DE, & starting WR. A couple of those guys are pro bowlers.

So the injury report in Andy's PC today was much anticipated. Here's what I took from it.

Lito Sheppard - It's obvious how important getting him back will be against the Dallas WRs. All reports on him are very good and he will definetly play and start Sunday.

Brian Westbrook - We all know that Westy is the grease that makes this offense move. The first half of the Green Bay game showed just how big a catalyst he is. The news on his knee is that the swelling is down and is "under control." He still has not practiced, presumably to not risk the swelling going back up. There were some reports that surfaced that Westrook will need surgery to fix what is causing the swelling. The surgery could only take about 2-4 weeks to recover from. Andy said an odd thing in his press conference that he's "not going to get in the details but they know what is going on with his knee." That really lends creedence the theory that he is going to need some surgery after this week, but they scratched him last week and are holding him out of practice to preserve him for this game.

Donte Stallworth - It wouldn't surprise me if he is out. He 's questionable so far with a hamstring and Andy called him 'day to day". It'll come down to how he feels on gameday.

Rod Hood - All signs point to him sitting this one out.

Everyone else is just little knicks and will play.

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